A leading company in the development of green hydrogen and biomethane projects

Who we are

Enagás Renovable has a portfolio of over 30 specific projects in Spain in the field of renewable gases and decarbonization, representing one of the largest European platforms in this area.

Currently, the shareholding structure is composed of Enagás (60%), Hy24 – a joint venture formed by Ardian and FiveT Hydrogen – (30%), Pontegadea (5%), and Navantia – SEPI – (5%).

Enagás 0%
HY24 0%
Pontegadea 0%
Navantia 0%

We promote the development of renewable gases to achieve a carbon-neutral economy. In this way, we build every day, in collaboration with our partners, a cleaner and more sustainable energy model for all.


We are committed to sustainability, and we promote decarbonization through the development of renewable gases, focusing on:

  • An energy transition that contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) approved by the United Nations, particularly in relation to the fight against climate change and the generation of new opportunities for economic, social and environmental development.
  • An energy model built in collaboration with all stakeholders and with society as a whole, in order to address together the existing challenges in all areas of sustainability.
  • A society that favors inclusion, equality, equity and development.

We foster innovative solutions and promote a quality work environment and professional relationships:

Innovative solutions based on renewable gases, with a focus on decarbonization, circular economy and sustainability.

The creation of economic, social and environmental value in the environment and with a forward-looking vision.

A quality work environment based on respect, equality, diversity, and personal and professional development.


Enagás Renovable has an experienced and dedicated management team with deep knowledge of the sector, which has worked on the origination and development of the projects:

1 Experienced management team with a solid track record in the renewable gases sector.

2 Experience in project origination and development.

3 Global vision of the entire value chain.

4 Full knowledge of the sector, institutional relationships and regulatory development.

5 Innovative mindset in project development.

Our management team


Director of Hydrogen Operations and Business Development

Biomethane Business Development and Operations Director

Chief Financial Officer

General Counsel

People, Sustainability & General Services Director

Our managers

Hydrogen Technical Manager

Mónica Sánchez D.

Hydrogen Project Manager

Mónica Sánchez S.

Hydrogen Project Manager

Ramón de la Iglesia

Head of Procurement

José Luis Martínez

Head of Commercialization

Arturo López

Head of Planning and Financial Controlling

Irene García

Head of Investment and Financial Analysis

Martiño Núñez

Our Model

Enagás Renovable has presence throughout the entire value chain of projects: development, production, distribution, O&M, and commercialization.

The renewable gas projects driven by Enagás Renovable comply with five main criteria:


Contributing to the decarbonization process and enabling a fair and inclusive transition by optimizing costs.


Having a leverage effect across the entire value chain.


Contributing to the development of the Spanish industry.


Boosting sustainable job creation.


Enhancing collaboration with other partners who are key players in the industry.

Strategies and partnerships

Enagás Renovable considers collaboration between companies a pillar of its corporate strategy in order to promote the development of renewable gases and contribute to achieving a carbon-neutral economy.

In this way, we work in collaboration with our partners to build a cleaner and more sustainable energy model for all, as well as to establish synergies, minimize risks, and join common efforts.

We also participate in the main associations (at national and European level) and maintain a direct relationship with the relevant bodies and municipalities.

Ethics & Integrity

One of our priorities is to ensure the ethical behaviour and integrity of our professionals, as well as of third parties with whom we interact. In this regard, we have a Code of Ethics and Conduct that describes the behaviour expected of all professionals, regardless of their responsibilities.

This Code of Ethics and Conduct is supported by a series of Compliance Policies with the following objectives:


Anti-Corruption Policy

To develop the principle of zero tolerance for bribery and corruption, as well as to establish mechanisms for the giving and acceptance of gifts and presents by Enagás Renovable employees.  See more

Conflicts of Interest Policy

To ensure transparency and fairness in all processes, procedures and decision-making by all Enagás Renovable directors, administrators, managers and employees.  See more

Policy on the Prevention of Money Laundering

To develop control measures at Enagás Renovable to prevent the use of business activities for money laundering and to comply with legislation in this area.  See more

Ethical Channel Management and Investigations Policy

Establish the mechanism for receiving and managing all communications received through the Enagás Renovable Ethical Channel and ensure compliance with applicable legislation in this area.  See more

Policy on Best Practices with Public Officials

This Policy and the internal controls set out in it are designed to prevent breaches of applicable legislation and to ensure that interactions with Public Officials do not give rise to even the appearance of impropriety.  See more

Ethical Channel

Enagás Renovable also has an Ethical Channel available so that both company professionals and third parties that have dealings with the company, such as suppliers, contractors or business partners, can report to Enagás Renovable any behaviour that contravenes the commitments set out in the Code of Ethics and Conduct. Our Ethical Channel can also be used to transmit any concerns or queries related to the Code of Ethics and Conduct, the Compliance Policies and other rules that develop it, or its application.

The principles governing our Ethical Channel are as follows:

Secure and
Good faith and

Full details of the use and operation of the Ethical Channel can be found in the Ethical Channel and Investigations Management Policy.