Suppliers area

Baseline for supplier homologation

Enagás Renovable has defined minimum requirements for supplier homologation, based on different areas such as safety and health, quality, environmental management and sustainability, including aspects such as compliance with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Additionally, a financial analysis of all suppliers is carried out. All these requirements vary depending on the risk type of the category to be homologated.

Registration in the purchasing system

At Enagás Renovable, we promote a transparent and trusting relationship with our suppliers. We maintain a commitment based on sustainability, working proactively to introduce all sustainability criteria in the selection and evaluation of our suppliers.

In order to optimize the purchasing process, we work with digital and collaborative platforms, integrating the following aspects:

Registration, homologation, and risk analysis

Purchasing process

Performance evaluation of our suppliers

Preparation of contracts and orders

Digital signature

Any company can register as a supplier through the Enagás Renovable website. Approval is subject to a feasibility analysis to determine the suitability of using their services or products.


After registration, the homologation phase begins. Depending on the category, the associated risk is determined, and homologation guidelines are established based on several fundamental pillars: compliance with tax and social security obligations, as well as homologation requirements in the areas of safety and health, environment, quality, sustainability and financial analysis of each supplier.


Through the following link you can start the registration and approval process to become an Enagás Renovable supplier: