Boosting renewable gases for a carbon neutral economy

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Biomethane by 2030

Projects in operation

Enagás Renovable already has several pioneering projects: Spain’s first industrial plant for green hydrogen, located in Lloseta (Mallorca), and the “UNUE” biomethane production plant in Burgos, the latter being the first large-scale biomethane project carried out in Spain by a private initiative, connected to the Spanish gas grid.

The aim of the project located in Lloseta has been to develop a hydrogen ecosystem on the island of Mallorca.
The first large-scale biomethane project in the field of biomethane with connection to the Spanish gas grid.


Renewable gases are 100% clean energy solutions that contribute to the development of a circular economy and enable progress towards a carbon-neutral economy.

Moreover, they are energy vectors that can provide flexibility and robustness to the energy system, and contribute to security of supply, favoring the coupling of the gas and electricity sectors.

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