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Antón Martínez Rodríguez, CEO of Enagás Renovable, prominent panelist at the World Hydrogen Congress

12 de October de 2023

On 12 October, the CEO of Enagás Renovable, Antón Martínez Rodríguez, had the honour of participating in the prestigious World Hydrogen Congress, the epicentre of innovation in the hydrogen industry, which brought together more than 3,000 pioneers from the sector. The event stands as the leading global forum for driving the transition to clean and sustainable energy, as part of the 4th World Hydrogen Congress.

Antón Martínez shared a panel discussion with leading industry experts, including Mirela Atanasiu, Head of Unit Operations and Communication at Clean Hydrogen Partnership; Christian Nissing, Head of Business Development Europe at Total Energy; and Lili Lu, Head of Business Development at Envision Energy. The panel was moderated by Thibaut Schehl, Hydrogen Compression, Storage & Transportation Senior Engineer at Nextchem.

The panel focused on key issues such as collaboration between companies to drive the development of the hydrogen economy and the importance of research, innovation and training to address the challenges in this fast-growing sector.

Antón Martínez’s participation in the World Hydrogen Congress underlines Enagás Renovable’s commitment to the advancement of clean energy and to the development of green hydrogen.

This event not only allowed Enagás Renovable to connect with leaders in the hydrogen industry, but also provided a platform for sharing knowledge and experience in the search for innovative solutions that will drive the future of clean and sustainable energy globally.