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Enagás Renovable celebrates Diversity and Pride on International LGBTI+ Day and joins REDI

28 de June de 2023

Enagás Renovable has joined in the celebration of International LGBTI+ Pride Day, reaffirming its commitment to inclusion and respect for all people, and making it clear that it not only leads the way in promoting sustainable energy, but also encourages diversity in all its manifestations.

Enagás Renovable is committed to an inclusive work environment, where each individual feels valued and respected for their authenticity. The corporate culture is governed by principles of respect, equality and dignity for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

As part of its commitment to social responsibility, it has taken a step forward by joining the Asociación Red Empresarial por la Diversidad e Inclusión, an influential forum in the field of corporate LGBTI+ Diversity and Inclusion. This alliance reflects a commitment to contribute to building a more equal and diverse future.

On REDI’s fifth anniversary, under the slogan “The triumph of diversity”, the company received a diploma of welcome, proudly collected by Gema Sánchez Collado, Director of People, Sustainability and General Services.

This anniversary not only highlights the achievements of the REDI association, but also underlines Enagás Renovable ongoing commitment to promoting diversity, equality and respect in the workplace and beyond. Participation in events such as this reinforces the company’s vision of an inclusive and sustainable future for all.