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Enagás Renovable celebrates World Environment Day for a sustainable future

5 de June de 2023

World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 June, and Enagás Renovable wanted to give it the importance it deserves.

To celebrate, all team members were presented with a small cactus as a token of their commitment to sustainability. The aim was to show the metaphor, as they are plants that do not need too much water; and at the same time, to reinforce the company’s values: combating climate change, sharing the essence of the company, and contributing to providing employment for people at risk of exclusion from the labour market.

Enagás Renovable’s commitment to sustainability is clear: to actively promote renewable hydrogen and biomethane projects in order to lead the way towards a decarbonized future, thereby contributing to the protection and conservation of the environment.

This transition is not only vital for our planetary health, but also provides a few environmental benefits that should not be overlooked. Some of these benefits include:


  1. Reduction of carbon emissions: The adoption of renewable gases allows for a significant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, contributing directly to the fight against climate change.
  2. Improved air quality: The substitution of fossil fuels for cleaner alternatives results in a reduction in the emission of air pollutants, improving air quality and benefiting people’s health.
  3. Promoting circular energy: Following a sustainable approach to energy production and consumption, where resources are used efficiently, waste is minimized, and the reuse and recycling of materials is encouraged.
  4. Promoting renewable energy: Promoting and supporting energy sources that are naturally regenerative and do not deplete the Earth’s finite resources.

Each of us has a fundamental role in preserving the environment we share. By implementing initiatives and adopting more environmentally friendly practices, we can make a significant difference.