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Enagás Renovable participates once again in Connecting Green Hydrogen Europe 2024

28 de June de 2024

Connecting Green Hydrogen Europe 2024 (CGHE2024), organized by Leader Associates, took place on June 26 and 27 at Ifema (Madrid). CGHE2024 represents one of the largest and most influential green hydrogen events in Europe, bringing together the entire hydrogen value chain to accelerate the economy of this renewable gas. 

For the second consecutive year, Enagás Renovable has been the Sustainability Partner of CGH2024, an event that has been an excellent opportunity to interact with prominent professionals in the sector and to present and position our projects in the dynamic green hydrogen market. Additionally, our exhibition space has served as a meeting point to exchange ideas and knowledge with industry experts and our main partners in project development. 

Among the many conferences, we highlight the presentation by our CEO, Antón Martínez, who participated as a member of the round table “Unleashing the Potential of Iberia: A Key Driver for European Hydrogen Market.” Along with other industry experts such as Thierry Lepercq, Carolina Mesa, Jorge Palomar, Andre Pina, Alan Ripa, and Maribel Rodriguez, he discussed Spain’s competitiveness in developing the hydrogen market. Furthermore, he highlighted the key elements needed to unlock its full potential, emphasizing the need for a hydrogen infrastructure network not only on a national scale but also on a European scale, connecting the Iberian Peninsula with France and Northern Europe, and enabling a competitive, liquid, and pan-European market for this energy vector. 

Another notable participation was that of Mónica Sánchez, Head of Project Management at Enagás Renovable, who was part of the hydrogen project Roadshow. Along with Pedro Benítez from Acciona Energía, she presented the project “Green Hysland – Deployment of a Hydrogen Ecosystem on the Island of Mallorca.” This project aims to deploy a hydrogen ecosystem on the island of Mallorca and is a clear example of Enagás Renovable’s commitment to innovation and our proactive collaboration strategy in an emerging market. 

Our participation in Connecting Hydrogen Europe 2024 has been a success. We have not only had the opportunity to share our initiatives and projects but also to strengthen our alliances and reach agreements with strategic partners in the energy sector. This event has reaffirmed our commitment to the development of green hydrogen as a key solution for a more sustainable future.