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Enagás Renovable Reaffirms Its Commitment to LGBTI Diversity and Inclusion

28 de May de 2024

As part of the European Diversity Month, an initiative promoted by the European Union to foster equal and inclusive environments, and coinciding with “IDAHOBIT” – International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia -, Enagás Renovable joined the campaign “Our Pride is Diversity”, organized by the LGBTI Business Network Association (REDI) and the Diversity Foundation. This joint effort aims to highlight good corporate practices in LGBTI diversity and reaffirm the commitment to inclusion.

Recently, Enagás Renovable collaborated with REDI to conduct an LGBTI Diversity and Inclusion Workshop, featuring notable participation from Fernando Manjón, Diversity and Inclusion Technician at REDI, Antón Martínez Rodríguez, CEO of Enagás Renovable, and Gema Sánchez Collado, Director of People, Sustainability, and General Services. During this meeting, the importance of these values for the company was emphasized.

The workshop not only provided a basic understanding of LGBTI diversity in the workplace but also addressed the professional barriers faced by LGBTI people. The positive impact of diversity and inclusion on the work environment and business outcomes was highlighted. At Enagás Renovable, an inclusive and diverse environment is considered to promote innovation and adaptation, reflecting the values of respect, equality, and personal and professional development.

A year ago, Enagás Renovable joined REDI, an association committed to the diversity and inclusion of LGBTI+ people in the workplace. REDI works to raise awareness, train, and advise companies to eliminate biases and prejudices and facilitate the integration of this group.

The company’s commitment to diversity is reflected in its Ethical and Conduct Code, where fundamental principles such as equal opportunities are promoted. Additionally, Enagás Renovable actively participates in external initiatives to share and acquire knowledge about best practices in diversity and inclusion.

Enagás Renovable continues to advance towards the achievement of the tenth Sustainable Development Goal, which seeks to reduce inequalities, firmly betting on an environment that respects diversity, and where people can reach their full potential, thereby contributing to the company’s success and the development of a more just and inclusive society.

This workshop is just one example of the actions being implemented, and many more are anticipated in the future, always with the goal of creating an inclusive and diverse work environment in all areas.