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Energy sector experts meet at the 2nd Energy from Waste Forum

12 de April de 2024

Last Wednesday, 10 April 2024, the 2nd Waste-to-Energy Forum was held, where leading professionals and industry leaders gathered to explore emerging opportunities in the field of biogas and biomethane production from municipal organic waste. The event was organised by the Forum of Waste-to-Energy Generators (fGER), and sponsored by its various members, including Enagás Renovable.

Antonio Illescas, Director of Business Development and Biomethane Operations at Enagás Renovable, participated in two round tables together with other renowned experts in the sector.

In his first intervention, Antonio participated in the round table: “Economic side of the production of biogas and biomethane from the organic fraction of municipal waste. Guarantees of Origin of renewable gases”. In it, Antonio showed that, from the point of view of meeting waste targets and from the point of view of energy and greenhouse gas emissions savings, the production of renewable gas is the most sustainable treatment of waste organic matter.

Moreover, in the round table dedicated to discuss the challenges and opportunities of biogas and biomethane production for local authorities, Illescas was able to share his experience and vision, highlighting that biomethane production offers local authorities an opportunity to boost sustainability and circular economy at local level in waste management and highlighting the need for support policies for the development and adoption of the necessary infrastructure.

The event was an inspiring day, where the advances and benefits of biogas and biomethane as sustainable alternatives in municipal organic waste management, as well as promising energy sources, were detected. This forum not only served to exchange knowledge, but also to strengthen collaboration between different actors in the sector for a more sustainable and resilient future.